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Hi guys, it’s been sometime since we met. Let’s do something really interesting.  Let’s learn to weave /make a story.  First of all let’s believe we all love stories and can tell stories to others.  Hmmm!  here is an interesting group activity.  Take an old newspaper/magazine and cut 10 to 12 pictures – just any picture. Now exchange your collections; on the other hand you can also collect pictures of all the members of the group, shuffle and distribute equally.  Now linking all the pictures,  weave/ make a story with 3 minimum characters, 3 locations, 3 incidents/happenings (the the first one for the setting, second one as a problem which the main characters face; and the third one as the climax-the most interesting part of the story with which you want to end the story. Add descriptions  for the character, location and the incidents with the help of pictures.  Your picture story is ready.  Read it out to your friends. Take help from your elders and teachers. Make corrections. Give your pictures a defined look by your colourful strokes with crayons or markers . Collect the stories of all the members of the group and make a story book.  Don’t you think you can attempt this during this vacation?







About talentattyagrajnagar

Located near INA, in South Delhi, the school,R.P.V.V. Tyagraj Nagar, imparts quality education to talented economically backward students. Started 10years ago, the school feels proud to have an illustrious bunch of alumini. This site is for all the students, teachers, PTA and alumini of the school, who want to look through and beyond the school at the community, our country and the world at large-its hues, facets and dimensions. Hence inviting all the talents associated with R.P.V.V.Tyagraj Nagar to feel free to post their thoughts,comments,news and views that they want to share with others. Let's mix masti with marks!!!

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