Social causes


Friends, Earth Day , that is April 22nd falls on this Sunday.  Let us all be united in one thing; let us pledge earnestly to do a minimum of 3 green acts/eco friendly acts on everyday basis besides urging persuading others to change to eco friendly life style. Let us do our part for the sake of our children, our children’s children…..Check out everyday before going to bed what green acts you have done for the day and what you can do the next day(keep two back up plans also). If on a day you feel you haven’t done anything, question yourself what went wrong; plan the green acts for the next day in such a way you won’t give them a miss.  After all a commitment is a commitment .




About talentattyagrajnagar

Located near INA, in South Delhi, the school,R.P.V.V. Tyagraj Nagar, imparts quality education to talented economically backward students. Started 10years ago, the school feels proud to have an illustrious bunch of alumini. This site is for all the students, teachers, PTA and alumini of the school, who want to look through and beyond the school at the community, our country and the world at large-its hues, facets and dimensions. Hence inviting all the talents associated with R.P.V.V.Tyagraj Nagar to feel free to post their thoughts,comments,news and views that they want to share with others. Let's mix masti with marks!!!

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