I happened to see a photo that left me speechless: It was that of a woman in tatters and no hands at all being helped by her son with a spoon for eating. It was so very touching.



Excerpts from the Trial version of the Newsletter from Prithvi Mitra,  Eco Club RPVV TNGR:

………Forthcoming events/Days:

March 22nd : World Water Day      March 31stEarth Hour 8.30-9.30 p.m

Please observe these events to show your concern for our planet earth.     

Show your concern and care for the planet  also  by: 

  1. 1.        Switching off the lights of any room when no one is using that room.
  2. 2.       Switching off all the electric gadgets to observe Earth Hour on the last Saturday of  the month of March.
  3. 3.       Closing all leaking taps and consciously saving  water.
  4. 4.      Taking cloth/jute/paper bags for shopping and not using polythene bags
  5. 5.       Celebrating a noise-free, cracker-free Diwali, synthetic colour- free Holi, Durga Puja   and Ganesh      Chaturti
  6. 6.      Walking/cycling short distances and not taking fossil fuel powered vehicles.
  7. 7.       Using public transport or adopt car pooling to reduce number of cars on our roads
  8. 8.      Getting your vehicle pollution checked regularly
  9. 9.      Encouraging segregation of garbage at home itself and asking the waste collector   also to keep it segregated before it reaches the main dump.
  10. 10.    Encouraging planting of at least one tree by each member of the family every year. 

              Follow the 4 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Refuse; live life the eco-friendly way!!!

Bye for now, Friends of the Earth, 

S.S. Alekhya  IX A,  Jasbir Singh IX A, Ankit  XI C, Milan  XI C

Guidance: Rajyasri Narayan, In charge, Eco Club, RPVV Tyagraj Nagar.

Contact us at



RPVV activa, group in the  face book



13th March:  I was shocked to see the main headlines of TOI which read ‘Another working woman gangraped in Gurgaon’.. It’s hardly some 4days after Women’s Day.  The tall claims that leaders speak for women safety in Delhi and the actual status  of safety for women in this crime capital do not match.  Skewed sex ratio, harassment due to dowry, insecure working environment, enslavement -in the form of ignorance, lack of education, repeated childbirths,physical abuse- with all these, where are you going Woman? Quo vadis?

RPVV TNGR ECO CLUB News letter – Trial version


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